André Knol
co-founder YesAndMore
Strategy, innovation, transformation, and keynote speaker
+31 (0)6 5348 4753

André Knol (1976) is the co-founder of YesAndMore. André drives innovation, business and social impact for small and, medium-sized companies, large enterprises, and multinationals. Top-down, through innovation strategy facilitation and innovation portfolio management. And bottom-up, accelerating teams with a new mindset, skillset, and toolset to compete in a world full of potential disruptions and social change. He is one of the pioneers using Lean Startup principles combined with change and stakeholder management in innovation programs and accelerators for large enterprises, multinationals, regions, and industries. André is a frequently invited keynote speaker at seminars and guest at BNR News Radio in The Netherlands about entrepreneurial affairs and corporate innovation. He is the author of several articles and two books, and co-created the breakthrough publication ‘Future of Living Roadmap’.

Currently, André is writing a new book named ‘Transformers Playbook – A guide for innovators and executives to build, develop, and scale the next wave of growth and sustainable progress’.

André Knol is the founder and CEO of Innomics Enterprise Accelerator, Innovation for Good, and co-founder of YesAndMore. Innomics, 0.0 Foundation, and SAM founded YesAndMore to collaborate on creating a vehicle for innovation, transformation, and sustainable development in industries and regions in The Netherlands and abroad.

For about 20 years André has been involved with strategy, innovation, and change management with executives of large enterprises and SME’s.

André Knol is the founder and CEO of Innomics Enterprise Accelerator. In the past years, the team of Innomics ran diverse Innovation Programs (in total over 100 small and medium-sized companies) and Innovation Challenges (in total over 500 teams from large enterprises and startups), Accelerator Programs (in total over 100 teams from several large enterprises and startups), Masterclasses (in total over 500 employees from several large enterprises), Executive Board Sessions and workshops with large enterprises in The Netherlands and abroad. Innomics builds, activates, and grows the innovation ecosystems – in AgriFood, Sustainable Development, Smart Cities, Circular Economy – to succeed in breakthrough innovation and position The Netherlands as a world leader. This resulted in the development of the GO!-NH Accelerator sustainable mobility (2018 and 2019), circular economy (2018 and 2019), and sustainable innovation (2020) commissioned by the province of Noord-Holland and many more Challenges with partners like Haarlemmermeer, Hilversum, Techport and Rabobank.

In January 2014 André Knol founded InnoLeaps, together with the co-founders of Startupbootcamp. André Knol led InnoLeaps until mid-2016 and has grown the company of around 30 experts with clients like Vodafone, Ahold, Allen Overy, Philips, Rabobank, Thales, Achmea, and Liberty Global International. He sold the company to focus on Innomics and working on innovation and transformation for good.

Currently, André hold the position of founder and CEO of Innomics, Innovation for Good, and is co-founder and board member of YESandMORE.